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Services I Perform

I provide a variety of online marketing services, and the services I offer are usually determined by several of the following;

  • Current (and Future) Search Algorithm Demands
  • Client Demands & Requests
  • Client Budget
  • Website Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Personal Fortës and Desires
  • What Pays the Bills

Below is a summary of internet marketing services I currently perform during my ~40 hour week;


My Quick SEO Story – The bread and butter for where I am today. I started out doing SEO in 2007, shortly after joining the ebay rush of 2006. I was obsessed with selling products online. But at the time I was traveling the world and had no money. That’s when I found Brad Callen and SEO. From then on, I’ve embraced SEO and link building. SEO was my way to survive. Due to early pay-per-lead and sales arrangements, my success was determined by how good at SEO I was. I was set out to being the best. I have nearly a decade of SEO experience and have seen the search algorithms and engines change, like a women trying to figure out what to wear on a date. I’ve done everything from basic meta tags and link exchanging to technical site optimization and link baiting. One thing remains the same; I still aim to be the best at what I do.

My SEO services include anything and everything found in today’s search engine ranking factors..

  • Keyword & Industry Research
  • Competition Research & Emulation
  • Website Analysis & Consulting
  • Keyword & Topic Optimization
  • Technical Onpage optimization
  • Shopping Cart & Conversion Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building, Acquisition & Baiting
  • Local Search Marketing


My Quick PPC Story – After a couple years of freelancing SEO, I decided to take my skills to the next level.  That’s when I found Jamie Smith of Engine Ready. Jamie saw my eagerness to learn search marketing and gave me a position as a “Search Engine Strategist”. The job was really a pay-per-click management position. But since I had some SEO skills, I was able to work with (at the time) 10 year SEO & software veteran Jason Miller. My freelance SEO skills quickly went from amateur to professional. I learned more about the SEO and SEM industry and how to provide professional search engine marketing services in less than a few months than I did in the accumulated few years I had prior. After that, I landed a job upstairs (literally) at MEA Digital (now Piston) as a Online Marketing Specialist. It was really another PPC position. But again, I was blessed with another opportunity to work with another SEO genius; Jeff Carpenter. Things were good, I was doing PPC for corporations like Oakley & ESET and SEO for brands like Mitsubishi Electric (just to name a few). But eventually I would return to freelancing passion (where I am today). Through those experiences and until now, I’ve been given opportunities to continue managing PPC accounts.

I currently manage big multi-million dollar budgets all the way down to small mom n pop shop budgets.
It’s all the same; it’s all about getting you the most bang for your buck!

AdWords-BudgetsHere are some of the PPC skills and services I provide;

  • Account & Campaign Creation
  • Keyword Research & Bidding
  • Ad Group Creation
  • Geo-targeting
  • Ad Creative & Split Testing
  • Display (Banner) Advertising & Remarketing
  • Bulk Campaign Optimization
  • Keyword List Optimization
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Cost-per-Click & Conversion Optimization
  • Routine Management Tasks

I also offer other forms of pay-per-click and paid advertising management (IE: Facebook Ads, Bing, AdRoll, BSA, Clicksor).


Social media marketing is becoming a popular service as users start to spend more time on social networks and desire to perform various activities within the sites they visit.  New search engine optimization factors also demand a well rounded SEO specialist to have experience in social media.

Social media optimization strategies include (but not limited to);

  • Social network website integration
  • Creating business pages on social networks
  • Optimizing videos and video channels
  • Techniques to increase followers and fans
  • Promoting local events
  • Creating content to go viral
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand monitoring
  • Increase traffic from social networks
  • Product contest
  • And so much more.

Nearly all business should at least start with major social networks.

  • Twitter – From creating a customized twitter page, making friends, monthly tweets, auto-responders and other forms of Twitter marketing to make sure your website generates traffic via Twitter.
  • Facebook – Facebook is currently the 2nd most trafficked website (behind Google). So it only make sense to have an optimized business page and fans that will like and share links and items you post on your company wall.
  • Google Plus – Google is looking for other indicators to help them determine which websites are really legit. What better way than to encourage users to “plus” and share websites they like? Plus if you want to rank on Google, why not? Involves creating company pages, getting added to circles, and other tactics to improve SEO signals or referral site traffic.
  • LinkedIn – Quite possibly the best networking and business social network. Like Facebook & Google+, having an active business page is a basic must. But getting involved in groups and timelines will help as well.

Local Social Networks

  • Four Square – Four Square is a local business social network where users check into places they go. If your business welcomes shoppers, guest, etc., having a FourSqaure page can be beneficial to your business in a variety of ways.
  • Yelp – Another local business directory rapidly turning into a social network. If you need help with local SEO, brand reputation management, or being buzz worthy, we can help.

Industry-specific Social Networks

There are many more social networks, and each industry/vertical usually has its own share of niche social networks as well. (IE: ActiveRain for Realtors) So picking the top 3-10 social networks for your company may be different than another’s top networks. I provide the research and strategies to help with any niche.

Lastly, I am a certified social media expert by Hootsuite, the World’s leading social media monitoring and marketing software.


I’ve been doing link building longer than any other service I offer. In fact, if you Google “link building expert“, if my website SEO by the Hour isn’t #1, you’ll see it ranking at #2, just behind $1,000/hr., link building Moses, Eric Ward.  I agree he’s the top-top link building expert and for many years has been the one guy I truly respect as the link building king. I would link to him. But then I’ll never have a shot at outranking him, hahahaha. Although me just mentioning his name in association with “link building expert” might be a solid citation. But I had to give him a shout out.

Link Building can sometimes be a tedious service. It can also be performed in a variety of ways.  It is also a very necessary service because of how much weight links hold in Google’s algorithm. There’s no better way to measure authority than to count how many other webmasters link to your websites. Who those webmaster are, also play a major role in external link value.

Link strategies can include (but not limited to):

  • Contacting Webmasters & Building Relationships
  • Guest Posting Content to Other Blogs
  • Getting Listed in Relevant Directories
  • Creating Link Worthy Content (Link Baiting)
  • Other Industry Specific Strategies Discovered when Research the Competition


Believe it or not, I actually provide a host of other services for all types of websites. Your industry, competition and assets will determine what services I need to perform in order to deliver your desired goals.

If you are looking for a professional SEO or social media consultant to help you with your internet goals, contact me today!