About James Harrison AKA "Coach James"

James Harrison Consulting Group is a company by 10-year SEO veteran James Harrison. James Harrison has been providing results-driven, needle-moving, traffic-generating SEO services for over a decade.

If you are looking for an experienced SEO professional to lead your team to the top of the search engines, James Harrison can help.

If you are looking for professional SEO consulting to help your business hit its goals, James Harrison can help you and your team, by providing consulting, consulting, training, resources, videos, and more.

“Our team is dedicated to your success”

James Harrison has a long list of experience business of all websites obtain more traffic and increased sales. His experience includes:

  • SEO, PPC (AdWords), Link Building, Content Writing
  • Site Architecture, User Experience, Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Youtube Video Marketing, Paid Media & Affiliate Management
  • Programming, Data Science, AI, IoT
James Speaking at W Hotel

James’ passion for coaching and programming has carried over into coaching kids sports and robotics. James Harrison Consulting Group also provides resources for various children’s robotics, coding and sporting programs in the San Diego County area.

Coach James Proud of His Team
Coach James Robotics