Hi, my name is James Harrison. I’ve been providing results-driven, traffic-generating SEO services since 2006. I am also a licensed drone pilot that specializes in drone programming & photogrammetry (i.g. 3D modeling, mapping).


My current focus is on helping cutting-edge tech companies & innovative realtors compete online.

I have extensive experience working with companies, of all sizes, obtain more traffic and increased sales. My experience includes:

  • SEO Marketing Services
  • Website Architecture, UX & CRO
  • Programming, Data Science & AI Implementation
  • Aerial Imaging, Mapping & 3D Modeling
  • AR & VR Integration
  • Coaching & Public Speaking



Chances are if you’ve worked with an SEO service provider in the past, you weren’t that impressed. Or maybe they impressed you initially, but then their skills were only able to take your business to the 2nd page of Google at best. This is why you need to work with a professional SEO expert with actual experience.


My strategies work, plain and simple. They are unique & backed by proven experience and testing. I’ve helped websites achieve top positions on Google for a variety of keywords.


I could give you many reasons to choose me over my competitors, but so could they. The best way to discover who’s best is to do your research.

  • Find out if they offer anything unique
  • See if they have experience working with companies like yours
  • Ask them to provide past successes or recommendations
  • Confirm they can execute successful SEO in 2019


If you start asking the right questions, you’ll get to the truth.

James Speaking at W Hotel

The fact is, many SEO service-providers either provide the lowest form of SEO or they are simply amateurs that only have experience getting their own sites to rank. 


You owe it to yourself and your business to make sure you hire a professional.


Contact me today to see if I can help your business grow.


Originally flying drones was just a hobby. Then I started coding them to do amazing things (that even impressed friends). Along my journey, I stumbled across photogrammetry. That’s when I took my drone piloting to the next level…

What photogrammetry can do:

  • Convert aerial photos to 3D models
  • Measure structures via imagery
  • Map changes in the land structure
  • Measure stockpiles & rooftops
  • Monitor climate & temperature changes
  • Produce detailed inspection reports
  • Provide precision farm mapping

Currently, I specialize in construction mapping, real estate photography and building 3D models for various uses.


If you are looking for a professional drone pilot to help you with your photogrammetry needs, contact me today for a free estimate.

James teaching drone class in RB