My name is James Harrison. I’m a search marketing futurist currently obsessing over data science, machine learning, multi-scenario optimization, and automation. My marketing roots stem from SEO and PPC with major focuses on PERFORMANCE and GROWTH.


JameSEO.com is my personal go-to resource and journal. I share anything and everything from internet marketing strategies and current experiences to new discoveries and current events.

It will also be home to the engine behind an AI SEO Chatbot I’m currently working on and hoping to launch by the end of the year.

Outside of studying data science on a daily basis, I make youtube videos with my kids & build crazy spreadsheets with my wife.

The Boys and I

A Little History…


Started selling products on eBay stores and drop-shipping through craigslist. I also purchased multiple exact-match domains during the website.ws affiliate wave and started building and optimizing sites with Google Adsense ads.



Took on my 1st freelance SEO clients; a local San Diego preschool and Los Angeles-based carpet cleaning company. Their successes paved the way for where I am today.



Landed a job as a Search Engine Strategist at Engine Ready, San Diego’s premier pay-per-click management company. There I learned many PPC and higher budget SEO strategies to help larger websites obtain a greater presence on the search engines.



With the help of my Boss, I was able to move on up(stairs literally) to become an Online Media Specialist at MEA Digital, a Top 50 Interactive Agency (Now Piston). This is where I was able to take my skills to a heightened level. I had the opportunity to perform enterprise SEO and PPC strategies with real experts on websites like Oakley, Mitsubishi & Taylor Made.



My personal website SEObytheHour.com moved up to #1 nationwide for “SEO specialist” and #2 for “San Diego SEO”. So, back to SEO freelancing!!



I partnered with SEOhaus as the SEO Principal. I helped grow the company from 150 clients to 500 clients within 3 years. I leveraged my agency skills and freelance abilities to build advanced processes and systems to help in office account managers and remote SEO specialists deliver effective services to a massive number of clients at once.



Well, that was fun (like for real). That was an experience that only a rare few have under their belts and I will always cherish it. But it was time for a change. I ventured off to become a freelance SEO and internet marketing consultant. Since then I’ve been practicing all forms of online marketing. You can learn more about my past several years at SEObytheHour.com.



Creating tools, building websites, developing strategies, learning new things and always looking for performance-based partnerships to help websites and businesses GROW! Also obsessing over the evolution of Google, data, and biotech, while trying to stay ahead in this rapidly moving time.