11 Real Estate Marketing Techniques to Sell Any Home

Chances are the most popular realtors in your area are practicing at least 7 of these techniques. These are basic real estate marketing techniques that all agents should be performing unless they’ve reached the point where they can be comfortable with referrals, reputation, and a huge Rolodex. But even then, the real estate industry is hyper-competitive. Top-performing agents are still losing clients to more aggressive competitors every day.

With that said, you must continue to search for ways to improve the effectiveness of the items on your marketing list.

If you’re hired to sell a home or property, fast & at the best price, start with the list below.

Note: Below is a basic real estate marketing checklist, excluding secret strategies that I only share with clients. However, this list will trigger something for all real estate agents.

Real Estate Technology1. List the property on Multiple Listing Service – This is a given. If you want other agents to find your listing for their homebuying clients, adding your property to an MLS could put your property on hundreds (if not thousands) of websites & apps seen by thousands of eyes, across the web.

Real Estate Brochure2. Include your property in your monthly newsletter and/or on postcards – Agents should always be working on building their mailing list, be it physical and/or email. It’s a numbers game. Mailings are good reminders to those that could forget about you. They keep people informed that you are still working hard in your industry, and you never know when one of them might be interested. A good rule of thumb is to segment your lists based on client type and cadence. Using impressionable, premade mailing templates will help as well.

3. Advertising the listing on Craiglist – This is a no-brainer for the seasoned listing agent. Craigslist is arguably the BEST supplemental place to list your property, depending on your city. And the cost to list there can easily compete with the many other options charging to post your listing.

4. Advertise the listing in ultra-local publications (specific to neighborhoods) – Most neighborhoods in all cities have area-specific magazines and newspapers. When a family is visiting a target neighborhood, they usually pick up one of these publications when they see one. So getting listed in one of them could put you right in front of serious buyers. If you specialize in an area, try to get a long term deal, where you pretty much own a section. This placement could be used for listings, stories, marketing you name, or whatever.

5. Add listing to a 24/7 accessible site like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc. – There’s no doubt that these types of sites dominate the search engines. So adding the listing to as many as your budget permits could be beneficial. Just pay attention to fees and make sure you or the client doesn’t already have the ability to enhance these listings. You may also want to consider listing distribution software that specializes in adding your listing to all of them. Tip: Listing on an MLS (#1 on this list) could automatically add your listing to Redfin, within 10 mins!

6. Send listing to a prospective buyers email list – This is similar to #2. But is more focused on sending the listing particularly via a prospective buyers list. This could be one you are building or a list you purchased. There are many real estate companies, websites, and professionals that specialize in homebuyer list building. On top of that AI & machine learning technology has opened the door to identifying prospective buyers looking to buy RIGHT NOW.

7. Provide your client with flyers or postcards to post at various locations (Starbucks, rec halls, breakrooms, library, etc.) – Creating a flyer that you can post everywhere you go is kind of like having a business card. Be ready to post it at every opportunity. Just make sure the flyer is professional. Some agents add easy tear-off information. Some staple to telephone poles. Whatever strategy you use, be cautious of the reputation you could be building or hurting when doing it. Tip: You can create one document that can be used for your magazine ad, newsletter, and flyer for easy reproduction.

8. Use alluring open house techniques – I will save this one for another post. But let’s just say balloons on corner signs isn’t enough. But there are ways to entice home searchers into swinging by. Just be sure to collect info when they do drop by. You never know if those potential buyers have an agent yet.

9. Leverage your real estate company – If you work at a large real estate company (IE; Coldwell Banker), let other agents know what’s going on. I’ve heard great stories of agents helping other agents – especially ones in nearby regions.

Just Listed Just Sold

10. Take advantage of social media advertising IE: Facebook, Instagram  & YouTube – Everyone is online, even your competitors. If you aren’t utilizing social media in any form or fashion, you could be missing out on a HUGE portion of potential buyers and clients. From sponsored posts, listings on walls, to creating a faithful following, there’s a way to get your listing seen. Especially if your images are high-quality, stunning pictures that provoke clicks.

Home on the Lake11. Take advantage of drone photography – You know I had to mention this one since I am a drone pilot. But it’s the truth. Everyone clicks on the drone listings, over the others. Anyone can drive by and see how a house looks. But an aerial photo of the property triggers that “I want to live there” feeling. It shows what the property really looks like and also provides a neighborhood perspective that the ordinary photographer can’t provide.

I could provide more strategies and techniques to sell your property, but mastering the above could easily suffice. I know top sellers only practicing a few of these. So don’t be so caught up in knowing all the strategies. Focus more on doing them BETTER than your competitors.

If you need help executing any of the above real estate marketing techniques, you know who to contact.

author: James Harrison

James is a passionate SEO & digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes dominate the search engines and obtain measurable traffic (and sales) from their target customers.


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