16 SEO Tips – My Onpage SEO Checklist

Here’s a list of onpage SEO factors I look at when analyzing a website. Enjoy!

NOTE: Not in order of importance. They all need to be done, and done right.

  1. Proper Meta Data – Relevant, Organized Title, Description, KW’s, & Robots
  2. H1 Heading – relevance & h2-h5 support
  3. In-Content Keyword Placement – Density, Prominence, 1st Sentence
  4. Onpage Keyword Placement – 1st Part of Body, ID’s, Last 10 Words, Site-wide – Refer to above.
  5. Image Optimization – Img Folder, Img Name, Alt Attribute
  6. URL Structuring/ Page Names – Site Structure, URL Names, Folder Locations
  7. Internal Linking & Navigation – nofollow, javascript, navigation, Anchor text, title Attribute, sitewide
  8. Google Webmaster Tools Suggestions – Verify, HTML Suggestions, Crawl Errors, Broken Links
  9. 301 Redirecting & Canonicalization – Server Type, www/non-www, Old Pages
  10. 404 Header Check Optimization
  11. Code to Text Ratio Excessive Coding
  12. HTML Validation & CSS Optimization
  13. Add Blog/RSS Feed
  14. HTML Site-mapping – Sitemap Links, Structure, Pages
  15. XML Site-mapping & Submissions – XML Blog Feed, Sitemaps, Submit to Google & Yahoo!
  16. Robots.txt – Allow/Disallow, Reference XML

Check off each of these as you examine a site to determine what needs to be fixed.

author: James Harrison

James is a passionate SEO & digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes dominate the search engines and obtain measurable traffic (and sales) from their target customers.


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