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30 Minute Backlinks” is a Video tutorial series that teaches you how to create free software and how to use brandable software in order to submit to 1,000′s and 1,000′s of software directories.

The concept has been around for quite some time; it’s just always been one of those industry secrets. Actually, there really is no secret to this program, however if you have never heard of the websites that you can use to create software, convert it, and submit it to a ton of directories then it’s secret to you.

Let me explain in more detail what 30 Minute Backlinks is all about.

Michelle MacPhearson created approximately 9 videos that walk you step by step through a variety of sites that allow you to create software. The videos also walk you step by step through the process of bulk submitting that software all over the web.

She pretty much starts off with an introduction to what you will be learning.

First you’ll learn which sites on the internet allow you to create software so you can promote for your company for free; thumbnail, zip, .exe, snapshots etc.

She also teaches you other ways to find some particular brandable software that you can use to promote your company. We also learn ways to turn other types of files into .exe’s to promote in software directories. Yes, you can write an eBook, convert it to an executable file and upload to all the software directories. Even sites such as download.com.

After that, she shows you how to upload your software to your server and how to make it accessible to all the software directories on the net.

The next step is one of the most important and most informative steps ever. This video is 36 Minutes and 20 seconds. She shows you how to convert files from .exe’s to simple announcement filesthat all the software directories on the net can read. This file contains variables like size of software (kb, mb), what version is it (2.1, 1.0, Beta); type (freeware/shareware), what operating systems is it compatible with (MAC OS, Xp/Vista) and so on.

Once you create this file. You’ll upload it to the world-wide web’s software library. Then you will submit it to all the free software directories on the net.

All the directories are always competing to have the most software available, so finding these sites are very easy. It’s actually so easy; sometimes software directories will extract software from other directories and use them for their site.

But it gets better; this is what makes the process so great. Earlier in the series when she teaches you how to create the software, you learned how to name it in ways so when these directories list your software, they link to you with the anchor text of your choice. Example for a friend’s dirt bike stunt site; Dirt Bike Engine 2.1 created by Stunt DVD Productions. You can literally name the software that you authored and company whatever you want. And the directories are forced to use those terms if they list your software. That’s just 1 of many SEO tips you learn throughout this series.

I left out much information, for it would be unfair to the people who purchased this program and to Michelle who obviously worked hard on this. But, here is a tiny portion of what you get when purchasing 30Minute Backlinks.

30 Minute Backlinks - SEO Members Area

All in all, I recommend this because Michelle took the time to walk me through the whole process of generating tons of backlinks and she has taught me something I can do Again and Again and Again. And, in literally 30 minutes or less.

Thanks Michelle!

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author: James Harrison

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