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I was cleaning out some files on my computer and came across my (old) link building checklist that I used late last year and for much of this year.  I currently use a revised version, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to publish this versus deleting it from my computer. It’s not meant to be published. These are just notes. It’s pretty random, but I guess so is the rest of my blog.

PageRank, Trust Rank, Inbound Link Quality:

  • How will you acquire Page Rank?
  • What is trust rank? How will you acquire trust rank?
  • Can you figure out the PR totals of all the pages linking to you?
  • Can you figure out the total traffic (Alexa rank) of the sites linking to you?
  • What kind of sites are linking to you?
  • Search Operator:

Different Domain Links:

  • Incoming links from different domains?
  • How many links do you have in MSN, Yahoo & Google?
  • How many different types of domains?

Links from differing class C IP address:

  • Make sure own websites linking are on a different server.

Percentage of deep links:

  • How to check how many links are pointing to other pages on your site.
  • Any software recommendation for this one would be awesome. Site Explorer & Web CEO can only do so much.

Directory Submit:

  • Submit to directories before submitting to search engines. So site has relevance before getting crawled by spiders.
  • Submit to search engines. Not recommended by SEO’s but recommended by the Search Engines. Your choice.
  • Yahoo!Directory & DMOZ are as always a must!

Blogs, WordPress & BlogSpot Links:

  • Find Blogspots with high PR’s.
  • Find WordPress blogs with high PR’s.
  • Get on Blogrolls – Whose Blog?
  • Get mentioned by blog with high amount of RSS readers.
  • Links from blogs with similar titles and content.
  • Blog Commenting, MyBlogLog Following


  • Can be a content rich page with keyword-rich links pointing to rightful pages within own site.


  • Linking with other sites in community/industry.
  • Usually large link exchange or require banner on site.

Link Exchange:

  • Create link exchange page and find links… email. Still works!
  • Something like InfoWizards Good way to find willing link exchangers and to start link building.
  • Check to make sure links are reciprocated. SEO Tools
  • Create a “link to us page” and if possible an automated script to allow fast link building.
  • Sending trackbacks (for blogs)

Ways to Find Links:

Relevant Links:

  • Placing your link on pages with matching page titles and proper title and description usage.

PDF eBook Directory:

  • Submit pdf to ebook directories and give to people for PR, branding and linking building.

Anchor Text Tunneling:

  • Create page with link partners info with a link pointing to his site. & Vise Versa.
  • Link tunneling through giant sites.

Article directories:

  • Write keyword-rich article with keyword-rich link pointing back to site and submit to all article directories. (Especially EzineArticles).
  • Submit to Yahoo News (Must have amazing Press Release).

Signature Links:

  • Join Forums and comment good and valuable information with sig-link back to site. If you have a blog, you could answer the question on it and mention it in the forum using your back link as a reference.
  • Link in Email Signatures for bookmark/other stats.

Wiki Links:

  • Add links to wikis and other education and dictionary sites.

Deep Linking:

  • Make sure every page has at least 1 Google indexed inlink and try to build page rank from bottom up.
  • Deep, deep linking (inbound and internally)

Surrounding Content:

  • Check the title tags, META’s and surrounding text of links pointing to site. The more relevant, the better.

Local Links & Local Business Listings:

30 Minute Backlinks:

Web 2.0 Tagging:

  • Every tag creates a page with a link back to page tagged. (Internal)


  • Are any links buried too deeply in your site, not linked to from a primary page?
  • All pages/links must be at most 3 pages away from home page.

Enter Site to Win Awards:


Banner & Logo Links:

  • Create a banner or submit your logo to directories in exchange for links.
  • Or purchase placement. clicksor, banner exchanges, blogs, Adbrite, etc.

Templates CSS galleries:

  • Create a CSS stylesheet or wordpress theme. Author it your company and submit it to directories.

Query Topic Links:

  • Anchor text links with query (targeted) words from sites about query topic.

Target smaller sites willing to link to you for content in the early stages. They are easier to get links from. But aim for big authority sites and NO linking to weak sites.

.edu, .gov, and city services are the best links…

I’m in the process of creating a link building manual/checklist that I plan to release at turn of the year. So far it’s 49 pages long and I’m not even halfway. I’m pretty sure I am going to sell it through Clickbank. But, it’d be free for all my subscribers, twitter followers and friend feeders.

List provided by SEO Link Building Specialist


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