16 Free Link Building Tools & Tips for Strategic Linking

Here is a list of great link building tools & tips to help you discover and obtain relevant backlinks. #1 Backlink Watch – One of my favorite link building tools. It’s a very simple way to check a website’s backlink URL’s, anchor text and total OBL’s (outbound links) on the same page as th...


Back Link Building Checklist/Cheatsheet/Guide ‘07/’08

I was cleaning out some files on my computer and came across my (old) link building checklist that I used late last year and for much of this year.  I currently use a revised version, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to publish this versus deleting it from my computer. It’s not meant to be published....


13 Search Operators for Ultimate Link Building

Every once in a while and depending on what website I’m working on, I’ll use different search operators to find easy links relevant to the keywords I’m targeting on the SERP’s. There are many search engine query cheat sheets and SEO Blogs that give huge list of search operators to use when doing lin...


A Few Backlink Factors I Tend to Think About

We all can agree that it’s not who has the most links that wins the race, it’s who has best variety of links. Who gave you those links, when did they give you those links and what do those links say about you are factors that really matter when building links to your site. Who:  The link provider sh...


30 Minute Backlinks – Software Submissions

“30 Minute Backlinks” is a Video tutorial series that teaches you how to create free software and how to use brandable software in order to submit to 1,000′s and 1,000′s of software directories. The concept has been around for quite some time; it’s just always been one of those industry secrets. Act...


Link Tunneling Explained – Link Building SEO

define:link tunneling Get links from all the sites linking to your competitors and from all the sites linking to the sites linking to your competitors. Then if you can’t get links from your top competitors, seek to get links from all the sites your competitors are linking to … Link Tunneling. Here i...