Perform a Google Lighthouse Audit Report in Chrome DevTools

Measure your site’s Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO in just 4 clicks, thanks to Google DevTools Audits. All you have to do is: Open a webpage Right-click > Inspect Scroll over to Audits in Dev Tools Click “Perform an Audit” then “Run Audit” Since we now live in a mobile-first era, from there Chrome will render and test the mo...


16 SEO Tips – My Onpage SEO Checklist

Here’s a list of onpage SEO factors I look at when analyzing a website. Enjoy! NOTE: Not in order of importance. They all need to be done, and done right. Proper Meta Data – Relevant, Organized Title, Description, KW’s, & Robots H1 Heading – relevance & h2-h5 support In-Content Keyword Placement – Density, Prominence, 1st Sentence Onpage Keyword Placement – 1st Part of Body, ID’s, Last 10...