Deep Down, You Know Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking #1

In my efforts for the “top spot” (#1 on Google), I do various tasks such as link building, PR, social networking, outreaching, etc. But as we all know obtaining the #1 position takes time if the keyword is worth it. It’s no easy task to prove to Google that their trillion dollar algorithm is wrong about who they’ve chosen to be #1 and that they should be picking your site. Even inexperienced SEO’s have a hard time realizing how much work can be involved.

We need to accomplish some things.. We need to help Google feel secure in putting us #1, while still helping them maintain their search relevance integrity.

So, before reading any further you must KNOW that you should be #1 (in the first place). You must honestly feel (DEEP DOWN) that your site deserves better placement than the top 3 guys (combined) on Google’s sophisticated search engine. If you don’t deserve the top spot, you’re better off spending money and time on bettering your website, company and services. Google will give you chances and test you out in a variety of positions and see how well you perform, so the first key to SEO is to already be #1.

Ok, so you feel deep down you should be #1. Now the outreaching for “vouches” takes place… This involves reaching out to other webmasters asking for reviews, links, “citations”, and much more. The strength of your competition and depth of your industry will determine how much work this involves. Although, if you deserve the top spot , you’ll obtain everything you need to be in the #1 position.

But here are a few reasons why the #1 website can be hard to outrank even after you’ve done all you can do to get others to recognize you;

  • They are an author of a book about your keyword, niche or industry
  • They’ve been doing monthly press releases via PRWeb for over a year now
  • They’ve passed the $299 Yahoo! Directory inclusion
  • They have reviews of household products on hundreds of blogs
  • They were featured in magazines and on news sites
  • They’ve been running a commercial in your city for as long as you can remember
  • They have 10,000+ web pages in their site
  • They’re a social network with 100,000 users
  • They sponsor local events in your city
  • It’s a high PR Wikipedia Page

These may not seem like direct SEO, but these type of things generate massive buzz, help legit websites get recognized and can sometimes be very viral generating tons of natural links.

Like I said, if you deserve the #1 position on Google, you’ll get it. Google isn’t stupid. But there are some experts that can crack algorithms to help you make the most of the tasks mentioned above in a very efficient manner.

If you would like to suggest more reasons why it sometimes seems impossible or waaaaay too expensive to beat out the competition, COMMENT IT.

author: James Harrison

James is a passionate SEO & digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes dominate the search engines and obtain measurable traffic (and sales) from their target customers.