How Can A Drone Company Get Every Roof Inspector to Adopt a Drone?

If a drone manufacturer makes drones specifically for roof inspections, they most likely believe every roofer on earth should own a drone, right? Or else, why would they be in business? So, one of this manufacturer’s top priorities would be to convince all roofers that they should incorporate drones into their service procedures. Unfortunately, there are several hurdles to making this happen.

According to Loveland Innovations, here are a few common misconceptions roofers have in regards to drones are:

  1. Drones Are too Expensive
  2. Drones Are too Hard to Use
  3. Drones Don’t Give Me the Info I Need
  4. It’s Too Hard to Get Started
  5. Drone Regulations Are too Complicated

Even though these sound like legitimate reasons, they are really superficial excuses for both the roofer and the drone manufacturer…

  1. Yes, drones cost money, but the investment is outweighed in so many areas beyond the wallet
  2. Everything is hard to use the 1st time
  3. Obviously, they just need to be educated on modern drone technology
  4. Not harder than getting clients or learning the craft of roof inspections
  5. There’s an app for that & this video helped me get my license within 72 hours.

So what really is the problem then?

I would venture to say the real struggle is that the drone manufacturer just doesn’t know how to reach the roofer. So let’s talk about a simple 3 step process a drone company could use to capture the roofing industry.

1. HOW TO SHOW ROOFERS THAT DRONES ARE BETTER (than traditional methods) – The drone company should gather as much data as they can to support that drones are safer. Find roofer death articles, life insurance stats, stories of roofers falling, etc. Find proof that computational measurements are better than measuring tape. Capture footage of or do a time-lapse comparing traditional approaches to flying a drone. Show roofers ways to promote how their use of modern tech makes them a better option than Joe Schmoe from craigslist.

As you can see, there are ways to get the roofer to buy into the drone industry and if done correctly, they can be sold and never turn back. But that then takes us to how do we get this data in front of the roofers’ eyes?

2. HOW TO GET THE ROOFERS’ ATTENTION – Say you have the awesome data, great footage, and actual proof that inspecting a roof with a drone is much more efficient and cost-effective than traditional approaches. How can you make sure the roofers see it? Well, there are a variety of ways. But here are a few basic ideas:

  • Targeted Advertising – use platforms like LinkedIn & Facebook to target only roofers
  • Get Listed on Sites They Visit – Join forums, be active in their blogs, advertising banners on their associations, etc
  • Conventions – Go to their conventions and network or set up a booth
  • SEO – Target keywords roofers search IE: “roof measuring equipment”

The manufacturer should also collect testimonials and customer successes. These are the best forms of marketing collateral. An ad before a roof inspection video on Youtube with a customer bragging about how using your drone has changed his business could really capture your target consumer.

Another idea I just had… reach out to large corporations with large teams. Provide demos and implementation training modules. Collaborate and setup unbias or mutual case studies to measure time and cost. Take notes, learn and improve everything. There’s a way to make sure your sales team only works with hot teams to avoid wasting sales and marketing cost, BTW.

3. HOW TO PROVIDE VALUE TO THE ROOFER – So you have some interested roofers. Maybe even some that have purchased your drone. While the agenda may still be to get all roofers in the country to buy, you still should provide additional value to your current line up. Start distributing leads. Give them marketing material. Find ways to give them the upper hand. Create a network that roofers would want to join. Help them take their business to the next level. If you have a way to make the roofer feel like they will get more business or build a stronger reputation within their industry, that could coax them to buy your drone as well.

I won’t dive too much into this one because this takes real brainstorming and strategy. But hopefully, I said enough to give a drone manufacturer some ideas.


To summarize, if you can get the roofers’ attention and have the right collateral, you can create a consumer base in your target niche. And that goes for roofers, contractors, insurance, inspectors, and many other (completely different) industries. Just think big (like taking over a whole industry big)!

author: James Harrison

James is a passionate SEO & digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes dominate the search engines and obtain measurable traffic (and sales) from their target customers.

Tom Alexander

Would you use the same methods for a consumer drone company trying to increase online store sales or sales via Amazon?

James Harrison

You could use a similar approach. But it would be different in several ways. You would have to convince your target user why your drones are better than the brands you would find at department stores or on top of Amazon. Whether it pricing, manufacturer quality, unique features, whatever. Then know exactly who would want that drone so that you can use those reasons and target them through various methods. Maybe come up with a cause that your company supports to add additional value.

But that’s just coming off the top of my head. If I knew more about your brand, I’m sure we can find your unique selling prop.

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