How to Single Out the 3% of Customers That Will Buy Your Drones – Pt. 2

Okay, let’s say the 3% of the drone pilots that would purchase your drones really are out there, somewhere on the net. But how do you get their attention to begin the simple 4 step process that I mentioned in Part 1 of this series?

I’ve broken it up into 2 groups; Strategies & Approaches. Let’s dive right in…


Banners & Retargeting – With Google Ads you can perform retargeting campaigns. These are campaigns where you display banners to specific users based on a number of circumstances. For example, you could say only show my banners to users that have visited my site in the last 3 days, to remind and encourage them to return. If the banners are in sync with your website message, their pain points, and your marketing goals, this could be a highly effective form of advertising and branding. Another scenario could be to only display your ads to people who have visited your competitors’ sites. The banner could follow them around the net as your target user visits their favorite blogs and networks. Again, the right message considering their current stage in the shopper journey could make a world of a difference.

SEO Phrases – If a user searches Google for “drone”, even though that’s a high volume term, it may not be the term that’s going to send you the 3% ready to convert. But if a user searches Google for something like “commercial surveillance drone”, even though the volume is low, the chances of them being seriously interested in what you have to offer could be the open door to capturing that small 3%. Even better if your content addresses exactly what those users want. Strategic keyword research and placement could help your website rank in places that could quadruple conversions, literally.

Social Media Platforms & Groups – Think, who is your target customer? What associations and groups would they be a part of? Let’s take Facebook for example. Facebook has millions of groups and doing the research to figure out which groups your target customers have joined could be ana venue giving you professional and personal access to the pilots that would buy from your brand.

Joint-Venture Webinars – Your target customers are already fans of industry influencers. They may already have memberships in relevant (non-competing) brands. Setting up a joint venture webinar could give your brand instant access to thousands of members that may already be interested in what you have to offer. As long as you’re not a direct competitor and have an offer worth the influencer or network’s attention, a successful JV webinar could be something your company will never forget.

Okay, so now that you know of a couple of avenues to market through, how will you share your message? Let’s take a look at these approaches.


Comparing to the Competition – Believe it or now, people do use Google to search terms like “DJI vs ___”, “___ or ____”, “drones with {feature}”, “best drones for…”, etc. You should always be ready to compare your products to other competitors. If these pages are on your website, you can be considered a resource and these pages could rank for your competitors’ brands as well. Another strategic approach could leverage this with retargeting ads by creating banners deliberately talking about the features you know your competitors don’t have to users that have visited your competitors’ websites. That’s just a couple of many different strategic approaches to dominate the competition.

Ad Types – Once you have a solid message addressing your consumers’ pain points or that amplifies your competitive advantages, think of all the places you could advertise, then think of all the ad and banners types available. This goes beyond, the typical FB ads and 8 Google Ads banner sizes. In fact, there are a variety of ad types and even paths to consider. This is an approach that requires real strategy and brainstorming based on your consumer needs.

Research & Outreach Emails – If you really want to understand your consumers, ask them directly what their pain points are. You can create surveys, send emails, host Q&A webinars, etc. You could also send direct emails to your target customers that include the information they need to help them know that you are what they are looking for. This in combination with the above strategies and the 1st approach could really lead to more sales.

author: James Harrison

James is a passionate SEO & digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes dominate the search engines and obtain measurable traffic (and sales) from their target customers.


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