Local SEO Tips PT 4 of 3 – “san diego seo”


Almost a month ago I created a website called SEO by the Hour. I created this site because I am in the SEO/internet marketing community and I felt the need to possess a website that represented my resume or skill-set. I love my current job and make plenty of money to get by. However I figured it couldn’t hurt to create a site adverting my skills (it would also be nice to be the #1 SEO Specialist; at least according to Google & Yahoo.)Two weeks ago (between 2 of my Local SEO posts Off-Profile SEO Linking & Finalizing Your Profile) I decided to apply everything I blogged about by creating a page targeting “San Diego SEO” and here are the results if you Google search “san dego seo” (at least w/my ip);

San Diego SEO

Let me explain to you exactly what I did:

Referencing my San Diego SEO Business Profile on Google & my San Diego SEO webpage on SEO by the Hour.

One Page Optimization

  • Title Tag: San Diego SEO: SEO Specialist in San Diego, California
  • META Description: Freelance SEO San Diego – James Harrison; a San Diego SEO Specialist has been providing excellent customer service and superior SEO services to many local San Diego companies. Contact SEO by the Hour today for a free SEO quote. – San Diego SEO Specialist –
  • META Keywords: seo in san diego, san diego seo, southern california, san diego ca, 92109, seo specialist, seo, james harrison, sunny san diego
  • Headings: <H1>San Diego SEO Specialist</h1> <h1>Call SEO by the Hour Today!</h1> <h1>Where in San Diego Am I located?</h1>
  • Under the 1st H1 I mention San Diego in bold in the 1st sentence (prominence). I also mention San Diego in the 2, 4 and 5th sentence also with the last San Diego bolded. I also tried to add content that supported San Diego like ‘Sea World’, ‘California’, ‘beach’, etc.
  • Under the 2nd H1 I made sure San Diego was in my first sentence and I bolded SEO(because SEO was in the 2nd H1 tag. Get it? SEO heading San Diego SEO content). I also mentioned 2 phone numbers, both with San Diego area codes. I made sure these numbers matched my business profile.
  • Under the 3rd H1 I mentioned San Diego and surrounding areas just above a mapfrom my local business profile.
  • ***Notice how I keep bolding phrases that relate to the H1′s. Also note that the map is a Google map 😉
  • Under the last H1 titled “Where in San Diego Am I Located“, I have a link pointing to my SEO business profile, a “where” link pointing to my business profile map and an internal link to another SEO page with “SEO” in the anchor text.
  • In the Footer I added my address and made sure the zip code was listed.

Off Page Optimization

  • I linked to it from my San Diego SEO blog. The link’s anchor text was “SEO Specialist located in San Diego, CA.” The title of that post is “SEO Specialist“. The URL is http://blogoptimizer.blogspot.com/2008/09/seo-specialist.html
  • I linked to it from the home page of SEO by the Hour with a link titled “San Diego SEO“. Simple, right?
  • The domain has several SEO and San Diego SEO related links pointing it and some of those pages have ‘san diego’ in the title tag.
  • You can visit my SEO Business profile on Google to see how I optimized it.

So, there you go. If you are a business with an actual company location, build a page strictly for local biz and start getting biz through Google fast!

I’ve done this for several websites, but I never done it this fast, it was pretty awesome though, to see positive results so quickly.

author: James Harrison

James is a passionate SEO & digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes dominate the search engines and obtain measurable traffic (and sales) from their target customers.



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