From Hero to Zero (and Back) – Rebuilding JAMESEO.com

Nearly a decade ago, jameseo.com was a top ranking SEO blog with a subscriber base of about 600 readers, built in less than a year! It was awesome. But then I got busy. I started taking on a lot of work, helping other companies grow, and I even started my family of 5 (3 kids). On top of that, sometime along the way, the site was hacked and I didn’t do anything about for years since this was...


Top 10 Google I/O ’18 Presentations for SEOs

From May 8th to May 10th, Google hosted the Google I/O ’18 conference. This event had everything from Ai & VR to Maps API & Android App Development. After hours and hours or watching (and listening to) presentation after presentation, I compiled a list of the top 10 Google I/O presentations for SEO Professionals. I/O = Input/Output & Innovation in the Open Enjoy! 1. Build a Succe...


HTML Color Codes

Converting Colors – Input a variety of formats such as RCB, Hex, CMYK, etc., and it will convert to any other format for you. 4096 Color Wheel – Hover over color wheel to view codes to the color you see. Color Scheme Designer 3 – Click on wheel to view similar colors, schemes & their codes Color HTML palettes


16 SEO Tips – My Onpage SEO Checklist

Here’s a list of onpage SEO factors I look at when analyzing a website. Enjoy! NOTE: Not in order of importance. They all need to be done, and done right. Proper Meta Data – Relevant, Organized Title, Description, KW’s, & Robots H1 Heading – relevance & h2-h5 support In-Content Keyword Placement – Density, Prominence, 1st Sentence Onpage Keyword Placement – 1st Part of Body, ID’s, Last 10...