Top 10 Google I/O ’18 Presentations for SEOs

From May 8th to May 10th, Google hosted the Google I/O ’18 conference. This event had everything from Ai & VR to Maps API & Android App Development. After hours and hours or watching (and listening to) presentation after presentation, I compiled a list of the top 10 Google I/O presentations for SEO Professionals. I/O = Input/Output & Innovation in the Open Enjoy! 1. Build a Succe...


WordPress SEO to Be a Top SEO Blog #3

The previous post in this series was regarding running my blog through the SEO Workers’ Analyzer Tool and the Website Grader Tool and discovering what points my site fell sort on. I also analyzed my blog’s theme based on  keyword density. In this post just as the top sites in this industry have already done,  I’ll focus on completing (most of ) the on-page WordPress SEO. However, before I get star...


WordPress SEO to Be a Top SEO Blog #2

I was thinking about this series, its’ goal, and what I had in mind when examining its’ title; “WordPress SEO to be a Top SEO Blog“. From how it sounds, this series is going to be about SEO tricks and WordPress optimization techniques that will boost my rankings for the term “SEO blog”, AND IT IS/WAS. But thinking back to my post like “Deep Down, You Know Why You’re Not Ranking #1” led me to belie...


WordPress SEO to Be a Top SEO Blog

I decided to go after the term “SEO Blog“. The goal; to be on the 1st page of Google for SEO Blog. I know I could never be #1 for SEO blog, simply because the top guys like SEOMoz, Gray Wolf, 97th Floor, etc. are all legit blogs that produce content consistently and usually about all aspects of SEO. I even recommend them to anyone that loves SEO and could use daily doses of good SEO tips. With tha...