While True Learn Machine Learning Game

While True: learn() – ML Game for Programmers & Data Scientists

I’ve spent years helping companies execute online marketing campaigns, efficiently and within budget. In efforts to take my growth hacking skills to the next level, I’m shifting from search engine optimization to AI marketing & DevOps.

So when I found out that while True: learn() was a game about a machine learning freelancer whose income was based on accuracy, efficiency, and performance, I just had to play.

Here’s the official teaser video:

Here’s what you can do in the game:

  • Work as a freelancer or run a startup
  • Write systems using visual programming interface to complete clients’ orders
  • Deploy system to the cloud
  • Reuse system components in future
  • Scale the system when the amount of data gets huge

This is the most real puzzle game on the net, that could actually help you build the skills needed to make real money.

Don’t be surprised if you see YouTube gaming videos here on JAMESEO.com! 😀

author: James Harrison


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