WordPress SEO to Be a Top SEO Blog

I decided to go after the term “SEO Blog“. The goal; to be on the 1st page of Google for SEO Blog. I know I could never be #1 for SEO blog, simply because the top guys like SEOMoz, Gray Wolf, 97th Floor, etc. are all legit blogs that produce content consistently and usually about all aspects of SEO. I even recommend them to anyone that loves SEO and could use daily doses of good SEO tips.

With that being said and in combination with one of my recent post “Deep Down You Know Why Your Website Isn’t #1“, I can say I’d be happy to even be on the 1st page for the term SEO blog (Currently #15). On average I produce 5 posts a month while the top guys produce content daily. So I can tell you now I’m going to start blogging more. So, subscribe now and don’t miss a post.

Anyway, for an hour or 2, a day, I’m going to do various WordPress optimization techniques to this blog until it  has a solid ranking on the 1st page of Google. Luckily, for my readers, I will share every strategy and technique with you. Now remember, I’m already on the 2nd page, so I kinda have a head start.

OK, so Day 1..

Theme with Prominent Blog Title Text

I changed my theme so the phrase “SEO Blog” would be the 1st words on my site and in bold text.

Before, all I had was a logo with no Title or Description content, and it came after the pages navigation.  The best I was able to do with that was name the image file and folder something with SEO & blog in it, and add the keyword to the title and alt attribute. I could have added text in place or with the logo. But I like this minimalist theme. Plus BIG TEXT is always better. It doesn’t have to be big either. Any text is better than a picture.

Keyword in Footer Text & In Site wide Footer Link

I also made sure my footer had the phrase SEO Blog in regular text, so SEO Blog would be mentioned on every page of my site and made sure SEO Blog was in the site-wide link that points to the homepage. This way every page of this blog says the home page is an ‘SEO Blog’.

Limit Posts Contents for Unique Page Content

I added the Limit Post plugin (<– May not be the best choice), so only part of the post shows on the 1st page. This allows the individual blog post to be ultra unique from the others because it’s the only page with the full post, it makes the homepage unique for combining a variety of posts, it allows visitors to view all my posts quickly, and it forces visitors to visit another page (Good for SEO) of my site in order to get the full read.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

I added my site to Google Webmaster tools so by tomorrow or so I can see how Google see’s my site.

Sidebar Titles/Headings

I made sure the titles of all my widgets had “SEO” or “blog” within them. By default, they are h2′s, so make the best of them. Later down the line, if needed, we’ll get back to this when optimizing the CSS/styles.

Well, that’s all for today. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s SEO Blog strategies.

author: James Harrison

James is a passionate SEO & digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes dominate the search engines and obtain measurable traffic (and sales) from their target customers.