YouTube “Laundry List” – 20+ Video Promotion Tips

Not too long ago, I published 15 Video Bookmarketing Sites Worth an SEO’s Time. I pretty much explained which video sites to upload your videos to, which in return could add SEO value to your website and traffic sources.

But, let’s get one thing clear now. That list was just a filtered SEO lover’s list from 100′s of video networking sites. Just uploading your videos is far from enough. For some of these sites, doing 1 or 2 specific things is required to get the most of SEO, while others may require full social networking. I could provide you with various tips for all video networking sites, but this post is a laundry list of things you can do with your videos uploaded to YouTube. Because face it, we want not only the SEO benefits of social video bookmarking, we more than anything want these videos to be seen by all our potential customers directing them to our call to actions.

YouTube Marketing, SEO & Promotional Tips

Basic Keyword Video SEO – Make sure you’ve researched your industry and know your target key phrases. If your video is relevant to these phrases, those keywords should be naturally titling & describing your video. Basically, make sure your target keywords are the subject of your titles and descriptions.

Tagging Your Video – Tags should match your target keywords, what your website is relevant to, and which ever are the most suggested or homepage popular tags.

URL in Description – 1st thing in the description should be your landing page URL, for this is the only way to get a link on all formats of your video page. It’s not followed (funny, Google-owned & not followed), so it’s just good for the actual function of a hyperlink.

Annotations – Make sure you add some comments during the video here and there to remind your viewers to click –>that link.

Make Friends – A oldie, but goodie. You have to make friends. Lots of them. But they should be relevant too. Search your keyword topic in YouTube and make friends with every user that posted a video on your topic (for all keywords).  Ask other YouTube users with a lot of friends to introduce you or to “favorite” a video of yours on their channel.

Subscribe – Subscribe to relevant users’ channels and comment that your did. (along with some buttering up)

Comment on Channels – Comment something nice on a users channel and leave a link to your latest upload.

Comment on Videos – All videos that show up for your keyword searches in YouTube should have a comment with the link to your related video.

Video Responses – Respond to all related videos with a response. Maybe even comment something nice on user’s profile.

Share Options – Use any you have accounts in. (i.e. Digg, Bebo, Orkut)

Facebook Status – Add new statuses every once in a while to your Facebook  saying “uploading video to YouTube now”, “glamorizing my YouTube channel”, “surfing YouTube. We friends?”, etc.

Facebook Buddies – PM all of your best friends and ask them to post your video on their Facebook page and share it with others.

Did you tweet about it? – You can either add your unique YouTube url to you Twitter profile, make Facebook status-like video comments, share each and every video in the “Share” options, and/or ask friends to tweet or Retweet it.

Embed Video on Your Website – Embed the video on the homepage or any other important page of your site. Or, blog about it (assuming your blog has been submitted to all RSS feeds & blog directories).

LinkedIN Connect – You could link Linkedin, YouTube & Facebook together.

Email Link to All Friends – If you have friends, colleagues or anyone that could possibly visit your video or could o send the video to others, USE THEM!

Email Lists & Newsletters – Buy targeted email lists or ask editors of periodic newsletters to feature your site next time around.

Email Relevant Authorities – Compose a list of webmasters’ emails in your industry and utilize the YouTube email video option with a little nice note praising them.

Groups & Forums – Every social network, forum, wiki and resourceful site  should contain links to videos that are relevant. Spread the word. Show up where the content of your video is mentioned. Comment a link, post a listing, email the webmaster, and/or embed them in all appropriate places.

Pay for Advertising on YouTube – Done it a couple times. VERY worth it if your video is VERY GOOD.

Video Distributors – TubeMogul.com, TrafficGeyers.com, SEObytheHour.com, RampDigital.com, Blip.tv.

Network of Bloggers & Posters – Try to build a list of websites and bloggers that you can count on to embed any video you produce. This can go a long way, depending on who’s hosting the videos.

WOM -Word-of-Mouth – Still and will always be effective. Tell people, brag about it, whatever. womma.org

Yoube Resources – Why not utilize all the free resources offered by a company that has invested millions (if not billions) into creating them for you?

Tricks for other video networks coming soon. . .

author: James Harrison

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