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FREE Data Studio Dashboards for SEmrush

Google Data Studio Dashboards for Your SEMrush CSV Downloads

Here is a free customizable report we created for SEMrush users. You can export CSVs from SEMrush, import to Data Studio and see the data in a different light.


Below you will find the free dashboard and the steps to use it.


Please let us know how we can improve it and which reports we should add to it next. Thank You.


The Steps

NOTE: Right when you 1st open the report, you may be prompt with the option to change all data sources. If this occurs, skip to Steps 2, 3, 7 & on.


STEP 1. – Open the dashboard in Data Studio & copy a version to your account


STEP 2. – Go to SEMrush & export a CSV of the Organic Research Positions Report


STEP 3. – Go to the SEMrush Backlinks Report & export CSV


STEP 4. – Go back to Data Studio, Click Edit


STEP 5. – Click File the Report Settings


STEP 6. – Click on Data Sources to the right


STEP 7. – Upload the 2 files you just downloaded


STEP 8. – Remove (OLD) Data Sources


STEP 9. – Once removal is initiated, you will be asked to replace those data sources, replace with the 2 files you just uploaded.


STEP 10. – Save & Voila!

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