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Too Many Drone Companies

Drone-specific Strategy

You need a cutting-edge digital marketing expert and an understanding drone enthusiast to win this new & very competitive industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Be the first company potential customers find when they use search engines known to delivery high(er) converting traffic with real intent.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Capitalize on video marketing opportunities such as ranking on YouTube & Google, high CTR banner ads & social media advertising.

Paid FB Instagram Google Ads

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram & Google could be the driving force for your business if done correctly & strategically.

Looking for ways to compete with the drone juggernaut DJI?

DJI is undoubtedly the king of drones and not just the king of consumer drone manufacturers. They are the rulers of drones. Every company in the drone industry makes way to accommodate DJI. Their presence demands attention. As a result, DJI finds its way into most of my drone industry research. Check out one of my recent ‘Competitive Intels’ where I point out why they dominate the search engines, even for “industrial drones‘.

DJI SEO Strategy

Below are my search engine optimization & digital marketing specialties. If you are looking for custom solutions, contact me today.

Technical SEO

It’s important to have a technically optimized & error-free site that also satisfies your target users’ queries and provides them with an overall great experience.

Mobile UX / SEO

Now that mobile users officially search Google more than desktop users, Google has introduced its Mobile-1st core algorithm change. I can help.

WordPress SEO

50% of our clients are using the web’s leading CMS. That’s why we created a WordPress-specific service to help WP sites get more traffic. 

Local Search

From Google Maps & local directories to local-specific search queries & geotargeted ads, I can help your market to your target territories.

A.I. Marketing

Leverage modern technologies like FB lookalikes, customer prediction models, shopper cart enhancement & high converting sales methods.

3D/VR Interactive

Give your users a website experience they will never forget. Prove to your industry that you are cutting-edge & ahead of the competition.

Video SEO Marketing

There are a variety of ways to enhance the value of your video from onsite technical usage to YouTube channel marketing. More people use YouTube than Bing & Yahoo combined!

Performance SEO

If you have a great product, but short on cash up front, we are open to discussing commission-based SEO services or partnership opportunities. Just give us a ring.

Reports & Monitoring

I provide reporting at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Reports can be automated emails, API connected dashboards, in-depth analysis in a PowerPoint deck, you name it.

"James Harrison is one of the most dedicated SEO specialists, at the forefront of SEO strategy & has proven his capabilities with the results achieved."

Sam Kim
Sam Kim – Sr Manager, Digital Marketing at Thermo Fisher Scientific