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A comprehensive analysis of your competitors' content & outreach strategies, plus a deep technical dive into your site to identify opportunities to improve rankings.

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Are you 100% sure you are working on the most effective tasks to improve ROI?

Are the strategies you are performing really moving the needle?

Will your efforts pay off (both now & in the long run)???

"We hired James to do an audit of our site after we noticed a drop in our organic traffic. He put together a phenomenal report detailing why we were down in traffic and how to fix the problems. Within a month after correcting the problems according to his plan, our traffic was back up and we were ranking higher than most of our competitors. James knows his stuff!"

Josh Carter UX Designer
Josh Carter – UX Director – TeeFury

Let’s be honest, your hocus pocus SEO isn’t cutting it. You know from looking at SEMrush or Google Search Console that your website is relevant to hundreds if not thousands of keywords, yet you aren’t capitalizing on that traffic.


Did you know that most business owners feel their SEO team has hit a wall? Maybe its something that you just need a second set of eyes to confirm.


What is the very best thing you should work on for the next 21 days to see a positive return on your time, money, effort and most of all brain power?



A deck containing anywhere from 25 to 100+ slides (depending on a number of opportunities & size of site) detailing everything we’ve discovered. + Includes Solutions

SEO Audit Deck

A spreadsheet containing all recommendations prioritized to meet discussed marketing objectives and to deliver maximum results ASAP.

A 200 point SEO checklist of all items audited. (For those that want an A+)

SEO Checklist

3 Calls Total 1. a (15min) kick-off call, 2. an (untimed) strategy presentation & 3. a (30 min) progress follow-up chat.

Conference Call


  • Crawl Audit – Full site crawl highlighting everything imperfection found within your website.
  • GSC Audit – Analysis of recommendations from Google search console + easy to follow actions items to address.
  • Mobile Usability Audit – From GSC mobile usability & Google Insights to thumb positioning & screen functionality.
  • Google Lighthouse Audit – Actionable tips to improve performance, best practices, accessibility & progressive web app.
  • Internal Linking Analysis – Examine site’s architecture, silos, internal linking modules, contextual crosslinking, page depth & internal hubs to provide best recommendations to help both priority pages rank, as well as the site as a whole.  
  • Competitor’s Top 5 Strategies Exposed – Uncover your competitors top pages, the keywords those pages are ranking for along with their top outreach & linking strategies. 
  • Competitor Page Type Comparison – We will compare your top page type against the competitors so that you can see what’s so unique about them.
  • Keyword Gap Analysis – Compile all the keywords they are ranking for, compare to yours and point out easy opportunities to emulate your competitors.
  • Backlink Comparison – Look at you competitors backlink profiles to identify their top link, common link types, approaches to obtain links, & outreach strategies.
  • 5 Most Profitable Action Items – If you could only do a handful of strategies, do these. These are the 80/20
  • 200 Pt. Audit Checklist – We run your site through a comprehensive gauntlet of technical checks to identifying previously unknown opportunities
  • Prioritized Checklist & Gameplan – Recieve a mapped out a gameplan to address your site needs with
  • 3 Voice Chats – 1 initial kickoff call to discuss goals, resources, and timeline and 1 strategy consultation (webinar) to discuss audit recommendations. + Bonus followup Call
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  • Can I pick specific competitors or keywords to research?

    You sure can. You can pick up to 9 competitors. However, we recommend you let us pick at least 4 of them, based on industry visibility, user reach, and relativity.

  • Should I care more about on-page SEO or off-page SEO (link building)?

    This actually varies by industry. In some industries, it’s about whoever has the most unique .edu domains & total links with DA of >_, and size of the site means nothing. While in another industry, it’s all about total pages & text to code ratios.

    We’ll provide the data, plus what your users really want to have you create the best of both worlds.

  • How does the strategy presentation work?

    You and however many other teammates that you want included will join James in an (untimed) zoom web conferencing or gotomeeting where we will discuss our findings.

    James will share his screen and walk you through opportunities to improve your website’s SEO, as well as through meaningful strategies performd by the competition. You can ask questions and clarify all findings along the way.

    The end of the presentation includes a list of priority actions items to get the ball rolling, right away.

    We then can schedule our third call to discuss progress you make over the next days, weeks, or months.

    The presentation and checklists will be sent via email with 24 hours of the presentation (should any discussion points require editing.)

  • Do you provide White-label or customized audits?

    Yes, we can use your branded material for both the slides & spreadsheets.

  • Will you provide solutions to the problems you find?

    Absolutely, we provide white-hat, best-practice recommendations backed by the search engines with exact implementation details (from exact code, and pages or files to edit).

    – However, your site CMS & resources could limit what you are actually capable of implementing.

  • How can you make bold claims to know exactly what needs to be done?

    We look at the algorithm and we combine with what the data is saying the top sites have that the non-rankings don’t. The concept is simple, by the approach is strategic and built on years of SEO experience and dissection. What may help one site rank on Google may not help another due to sheer competition and what Google feels your target persona truly desires, when they search the any of the keywords most relevant to you.

    • Why in the world are my competitors outranking me?
    • How the heck is that page ranking?
    • What’s my competitor’s number 1 strategy for ranking?
    • What’s the 80/20 for the most bang-for-buck?
    • Why have my rankings slipped?
    • How did this competitor just come out of nowhere and outrank me?
    • How can I leverage partnerships for a stronger backlink profile?
    • Is my current SEO company or consultant really that good?
    • Is there hope for my website? Can I even compete?
    • Of the hundreds of thousands of backlinks my competitors have, which ones should I match?
    • What actions items should my team be working on this week?

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