## Last Updated May 2012 ##

Whether you need a quick SEO tool to analyze a website, a research tool to examine a potential industry or a link building tool to discover backlinks, this list is for you. Find a wide range of SEO, webmaster, keyword research, and social media tools below.

SEO & Keyword Research Tools – Search Engine Spider Simulator, Keyword Density Checker, Code-to-Text Ratio, SEM Rush, Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, Insights for Search, Search Engine Submissions, XML sitemap Submissions, GWT, Spyfu, Search Combination Tool, Quick Onpage Analysis, NicheWatch

Webmaster Tools – W3 Validator, 404 Header Check, Similar Page Checker, CopyScape, Image Analyzer, Google Webmaster Tools, PDF Creator, Shared Server Check, WayBack Machine, WordCounter

Social Media & Networking Tools -Trendistic, HashTags, Tweet Active, TwazzUp, Kurrently, Addictomatic, 48ers, WhosTalkin, Social Mention, KeoTag, Social Seek, Mention Mapp, FollowerWonk, Tweriod, HootSuite, Ping.FM

Search & Find (ALL)


Social Mention

Social Seek


Search & Find (TWITTER)



Tweet Active





Track & Measure


Mention Mapp

HootSuite [PAID]

Tweriod [PAID]

Automated Tools


Social Oomph –

Link Building Tools – Link Acquisition Assistant, BacklinkWatch, Link Search Tool, Analyze Backlinks

Recommended WordPress Plugins – Add to Any, Gravatar, RSS Footer, WordPress Database Backup, WP Super Cache, Google XML Sitemap, Category Order, Askimet, Efficient Related Post, Category Text Widget, Google Analytics, Random Text, Twitter Facebook Share

Recommended FireFox Add-Ons – Alexa Sparky, SEO for FireFox, Rank Checker, PageRank Client, FireFTP, CSS Usage, All-in-One Sidebar

Pay-Per-Click Tools – Local Keyword Generator, Google Preview Tool, Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Combiner, Google Analytics URL Builder

Misc. Internet Tools

Web Design – feed validator –


Google Code Speed Tools –

Tools Page – Web Speed –

Web Design –

Google Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools –

Music Check –


Link Building Research –

Link Hub Finder –

Create RSS Buttons –

Comic Picture Editor –

Dummiesa Book Cover –

Postic Generator – Wetmark –

Watermark – Monopoly Gen –


Google’s Tools –

PDF Creator

Broken Link Detectors

404 Header/Status Code Checker

Redirect Checker

Similar Content Tools

More tools: SEO Tools – AdWords URL Appender


Keyword Research & SEO Tools


Google Keyword Suggestion Tool – Get keyword suggestions and search volumes
Google Webmaster Tools – Learn what your site needs to succeed
XML Sitemap Submitter – Submit XML sitemap to all 3 search engines at once
Keyword Density Checker – Onpage keyword density checker by David Naylor
Quintura Search Engine – Visually see which keywords are associated with a search term


Keyword & Industry Research Tools

Google Insights – Historic Keyword Research Tool
Search Combination Tool – create a combination of terms to search on the search engines fast
SEM Rush – Research specific keywords or domains/competitors’ traffic and rankings
Spyfu – Keyword and competition spy tool for keyword research
Lexipedia – Learn words associated with any word/phrase for LSI (antonyms, synonyms, etc)


SEO Analysis Tools

Code-to-Text Ratio – Compare percentage of text to percentage of coding on any given website
Search Engine Spider Simulator – Check how a site looks to search engine spiders
BizziBuzz Quick Report – (just replace “ w/your site in url, or signup) site analysis tool
Website Grader – In-depth Analysis of your website (email required)
Review My Web – Quick SEO review of website (email required)
SEO Analyzer Tool – Onpage SEO analysis by SEO Workers
Keyword Density Checker – Another keyword density checker, by Webconfs


Other Website/SEO Tools

LedBetter Submit URL Tool – Free Search Engine Submissions Tools (use spam email)
Site Analytics Traffic Tool – Domain Traffic Research Tool by
Whois Domain Tool – Whois and domain research tool
Rank Checker – Check the rankings for up to three keywords
PageRank Verifier – Check the real PageRank of a website
Pingomatic – Update different search engines that your blog has been updated
Ping FeedBurner – Feed Updater by Google’s Feedburner


Tool Sites

Webconfs SEO Tools – Similar page checker, redirect check, keyword density check & more
SEO Chat Tools – Domain age check, meta analyzer, page size, keyword cloud & more
Bing Webmaster Tools – Tools for webmasters by Bing (WannaBe Google Webmaster Tools)