• FREE Data Studio SEO Reports (GA & GSC) 👊 + Instructions!

    Free Google Analytics Snapshot Report This is a FREE Google Analytics snapshot report to help you ingest all of your data easily & quickly. Open Here > Make a Copy > Select Data > Select Date Range > Enjoy! Free Google Search Console Snapshot Report This is a FREE Google Search Conso...
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  • Perform a Google Lighthouse Audit Report in Chrome DevTools

    Measure your site’s Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO in just 4 clicks, thanks to Google DevTools Audits. All you have to do is: Open a webpage Right-click > Inspect Scroll over to Audits in Dev Tools Click “Perform an Audit” then “Run...
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  • From Hero to Zero (and Back) – Rebuilding JAMESEO.com

    Nearly a decade ago, jameseo.com was a top ranking SEO blog with a subscriber base of about 600 readers, built in less than a year! It was awesome. But then I got busy. I started taking on a lot of work, helping other companies grow, and I even started my family of 5 (3 kids). On top of that, someti...
  • Top 10 Google I/O ’18 Presentations for SEOs

    From May 8th to May 10th, Google hosted the Google I/O ’18 conference. This event had everything from Ai & VR to Maps API & Android App Development. After hours and hours or watching (and listening to) presentation after presentation, I compiled a list of the top 10 Google I/O presenta...
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  • HTML Color Codes

    Converting Colors – Input a variety of formats such as RCB, Hex, CMYK, etc., and it will convert to any other format for you. 4096 Color Wheel – Hover over color wheel to view codes to the color you see. Color Scheme Designer 3 – Click on wheel to view similar colors, schemes & their codes...
  • 16 SEO Tips – My Onpage SEO Checklist

    Here’s a list of onpage SEO factors I look at when analyzing a website. Enjoy! NOTE: Not in order of importance. They all need to be done, and done right. Proper Meta Data – Relevant, Organized Title, Description, KW’s, & Robots H1 Heading – relevance & h2-h5 support In-Content Keyword Place...
  • WordPress SEO to Be a Top SEO Blog #3

    The previous post in this series was regarding running my blog through the SEO Workers’ Analyzer Tool and the Website Grader Tool and discovering what points my site fell sort on. I also analyzed my blog’s theme based on  keyword density. In this post just as the top sites in this industry have alre...
  • 16 Free Link Building Tools & Tips for Strategic Linking

    Here is a list of great link building tools & tips to help you discover and obtain relevant backlinks. #1 Backlink Watch – One of my favorite link building tools. It’s a very simple way to check a website’s backlink URL’s, anchor text and total OBL’s (outbound links) on the same page as th...
  • WordPress SEO to Be a Top SEO Blog #2

    I was thinking about this series, its’ goal, and what I had in mind when examining its’ title; “WordPress SEO to be a Top SEO Blog“. From how it sounds, this series is going to be about SEO tricks and WordPress optimization techniques that will boost my rankings for the term “SEO blog”, AND IT IS/WA...
  • Perform a Quick SEO Analysis Utilizing 2 Free SEO Tools

    If you ever find yourself at the point where you just aren’t sure what basic SEO needs to be done for a website, consider using these two free SEO tools that will scan your website for ranking barriers and influencers. Within 10 minutes you can damn-near know everything your website needs to be full...
  • Google Could Lose 50% of iPhone Traffic to Bing

    A week ago, the cat was let out of the bag: Apple and Microsoft were in talks over replacing Google with Bing, and have been for weeks, as the default search engine on the iPhone. Immediately, there were questions over the implications of this move, both for the companies involved and the users. Tod...
  • WordPress SEO to Be a Top SEO Blog

    I decided to go after the term “SEO Blog“. The goal; to be on the 1st page of Google for SEO Blog. I know I could never be #1 for SEO blog, simply because the top guys like SEOMoz, Gray Wolf, 97th Floor, etc. are all legit blogs that produce content consistently and usually about all aspects of SEO....